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How to Prepare Your Home in League City for Freezing Temperatures

January 15, 2024

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We are in the midst of an Arctic front predicted to last through Wednesday, January 17th. 

League City has shared helpful tips on how to prepare for freezing temperatures & prevent damage to your homes. 

Residents need to take precautions to protect the “4 Ps”: Pipes, People, Pets, and Plants. 

  • Pipes

Insulate exposed pipes, including all exterior pipes (e.g. hose bibs and irrigation) and pipes in your attic or garage. 

Turn off, drain, and insulate your backflow prevention device (pictured below). 

Keep your heat turned on and open sink cabinets to expose indoor pipes to heated air. Disconnect garden hoses and turn off sprinklers. Sprinklers left on can create slippery and dangerous conditions on the road outside your home.

If leaving town, be sure you’re signed up for our water tracker, which will send you a notification in the event of unusual water usage that could indicate a leak. Sign up here.

  • People

Have extra blankets and layers ready in case the power goes out. Check in with elderly family and neighbors to see if they need help. It’s always advisable to have a supply of drinking water available.

  • Plants 

Cover cold sensitive plants (including all tropical plants) before the temperatures drop. Bring potted porch plants into your garage, if possible. 

  • Pets

Bring pets inside. 

  • What to do if your pipes burst

Prior to the temperature drop, ensure you know where your personal water shut-off valve is located  (watch videos above) and that it can be easily maneuvered into the off position. They are usually in the garage or near the hose bib outside. If you don’t have one, it is recommended you get one installed. You can call our Utility Line Repair Technicians to come shut off your water at the meter, but when your home is flooding, it is much quicker to turn off a personal valve.

  • Numbers to Know

Utility Line Repair 

281-554-1390 (24-hr. mainline) 


Non-Emergency Police 



After Hours Public Works 



Texas-New Mexico Power



Live road conditions can be found at